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Why External Fundraising is Important

For many years Region 21 was able sustain to a healthy budget without turning to external fundraising. The regional assessments collected from our member choruses and the positive cash flow from our annual regional convention and Summer Seminar were adequate to support the programs that benefit all members in the region.

Those days have passed. Dramatic escalation in costs for the venues and services needed to hold our events have your Regional Management Team looking for new and innovative ways to balance the budget. The Team shared some of the financial challenges during the Town Hall segment during Summer Seminar in June. We had to deliver the not-so-great news that the cost of AETs for both of our major events would have to go up in the future. We also shared some ideas that are currently being researched; sharing of venues with another region, holding events outside of hotel sites with attendees getting their own accommodations, looking for new cities in our region that might offer better deals.

We are also now looking to raise additional funds via methods that are familiar to most choruses and our first effort, Do Re Mi for Donuts, just launched. We will run this promotion periodically during the year. It's fun and easy! All funds raised will go into the general fund to support our two major efforts each year, Regional Contest and Convention and Summer Seminar. Please enjoy some delicious treats at a great price, share with friends and family and help the Region at the same time. Go to to get your certificates.


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