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JUNE 2014 – Spring Training for Directors and Musical Leadership – Sharon Babb

Sharon Babb
Sharon Babb

“Get Your Game On!” was an exciting experience in San Diego with the ever-inspiring Sharon Babb – a Sweet Adeline to the bone who began her career in 1969 right here in Region 21 and has been active ever since as a chapter and regional administrative leader, certified judge in both sound and music, judge specialist in sound, master faculty, chorus and quartet coach, International Board member, and – always and ever – a baritone.

She inspired the attendees through a variety of classes:

Psychology of Competition, Managing in the Moment, Coaching for Sound, Individual Musicianship, IVI Techniques, Teaching through Tags, and much more!

Sharon focused on how to ensure that every director and every member experience these essentials at every rehearsal:

  1. HA, HA (laughter/enjoyment/reasons to smile and celebrate),

  2. AHA! (learning something knew/refresh a known /skill), and

  3. AHHH!  (feeling inspiration and re-dedication to our magnificent art form)

It was a wonderful opportunity to experience Ms. Sharon Babb in an intimate setting at her effervescent best!


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