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Announcing IES 2022 Essay Contest

Update: The winner is Denise Brinkerhoff, Director of Vista Hills Chorus in Encinitas, Ca. The chorus wrote an excellent essay detailing Denise's commitment to musical education and making their case for her attendance at IES 2022.

The contest was competitive, with 6 wonderful entries.

The Regional Management Team has just announced an essay contest that will earn one worthy chorus in the region a prepaid tuition for one of their members to attend the upcoming International Educational Symposium in San Antonio, TX, which will take place July 20-24, 2022.

The essay should be 600 words or less and should outline which member the chorus will send and how the chorus hopes to benefit by sending that member. Entries are due by May 14 and should be emailed to Education Coordinator, Leah Rippitoe at The winning chorus will be notified on May 21 with instructions on redeeming the prize.

The value of the tuition is $795, the price of a single occupancy registration made by June 1, 2022.

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