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2015 Spring Competition Education Class – Sunday Morning Send-Off!

Bloody Mary Mimosa

A great time was had by the 100+ attendees to our Sunday morning Education Class – Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Score Sheets: What to Do with the Judges Feedback.

Our energetic co-presenters, Jana Gutenson and Kim Vaughn, provided enlightening insight on ways to interpret what Judges wrote and how to turn that into a plan of action as singers and directors return to Quartet and Chorus life. There was something for every performer who crossed the stage and every registered attendee – vocal production tips ‘n tricks, music selection review, chorus and quartet teamwork and so much more!

The overall Judges’ Observations for Choruses and Quartets have been sent via e-mail to our Regional Quartet contacts, Front Line Directors, and Team Coordinators/Presidents. Also sent were the materials to which Jana and Kim referred, SAI Performance Guidelines and Making the Leap (via Sharon Babb), along with more information on Open Division. These documents and more will soon be available on the Education downloads page or contact Risa Page, Education Coordinator at to receive them.

It was a relaxing way to learn with coffees, lattes, Mimosas, and customized Bloody Marys in hand and next year we are investigating adding some light snacks so plan to come!


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