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Region 21 Management Team

The Regional 21 Management Team oversees all aspects of the Region's events and management, ranging from Spring Convention and Competition to educational events and workshops. RMT positions are volunteer, and members serve a two-year term. You may contact the RMT at

RMT Members should have a proven track record of planning, organizational and communication skills. They should be able to effectively work with members at all levels of the organization, motivate others and able to delegate. RMT positions require excellent listening skills, flexibility, open-mindedness and a positive, solutions-oriented approach.

Each potential nominee must agree to comply with this attendance requirement at the time her qualifications are submitted to the Regional Nominating Committee. 

Current RMT Members

RMT Guidelines & Procedure

RMT Bylaws and Standing Rules

Serve On The RMT

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Ask The RMT

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