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Region 21 Resources
Regional Management Team 2023

Bev Berardinelli

Membership Coordinator

Elected by the Regional Membership, the Membership Coordinator plans and implements programs in the areas of membership growth and retention for regional choruses, including prospective chapters. She maintains contact with Chapter-at-Large members residing in our Region. She also works with the Team Coordinator to oversee communication with chapter leaders.

Darren Hurst

Team Coordinator

Appointed by the Regional Management Team, the Team Coordinator coordinates RMT agendas and meetings, facilitates the development of the Region’s Strategic Plan, oversees Chapter Standing Rules, clears chapter show dates and maintains the regional calendar. She also maintains communication with chapter leaders and facilitates a forum for presidents/team coordinators at regional events.

Leah Rippetoe

Education Coordinator

Appointed by Sweet Adelines International, the Education Coordinator develops, coordinates and monitors educational programs for the region to meet the training needs of both choruses and individual singers and oversees the Young Women In Harmony and Arrangers Development Program.

Cherie Peters-Brinkerhoff

Events Coordinator

Appointed by the Regional Management Team, the Event Coordinator is responsible for all physical aspects of regional meetings and events including Regional Convention & Competition. She is responsible for the inspection of suitable sites, negotiating contracts and coordinating registration for all events.

Judy Moore

Finance Coordinator

Appointed by the Regional Management Team, the Finance Coordinator manages the financial affairs of the region, including budgeting, managing all bank accounts and investments, receiving all funds paid to the region and issuing all payments. She has the sole authority to sign contracts on behalf of the region.

Lee Ann Reichow

Communication Coordinator

Appointed by the Regional Management Team, the Communication Coordinator serves as the information link between the Chapters, Region, and International. She maintains the regional database, oversees the regional newsletter, the regional website, and regional roster.

Claudia Cannon

Marketing Coordinator

Appointed by the Regional Management Team, the Marketing Coordinator serves as the primary media and public relations contact for the Region. She works with the RMT and regional leaders to market regional events and programs and accomplish strategic goals. She maintains the Website and other marketing channels, and provides assistance and training to choruses.

Kirby Cass

Directors’ Coordinator

Elected by the Chapter Directors, the Directors’ Coordinator represents the interests of the regional directors, assessing their needs and providing for their educational needs in coordination with Education Coordinator. She also oversees the Director Certification Program.

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