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Touché Quartet Weekend – The Journey to the Medals

from VOCAL SIGNATURE QUARTET - 2015 4th Place Medalists Valerie Larsen-Fernandez, Kim Bettendorf, Esther Alva, Cindy Chrispell


Here is something upon which we can all agree: being in a quartet means some extra work.

Vocal Signature certainly discovered that over the last year as we worked toward our goals leading up to Regional Competition in April. When we heard that this year’s Quartet Workshop would be extended from one day to an entire weekend, we were intrigued by the possibilities. Would it be worth the investment of time and money?

The answer to that was a resounding YES! During the workshop, we were coached by not one but TWO Queens (Pam Pieson and Patty Cobb-Baker), choreographed by Emily O’Brien, received individual voice coaching, and experienced some great performance opportunities throughout the weekend and at the Saturday evening show. And that doesn’t even include the classes that we attended throughout the weekend!

Working with the women who have the knowledge and the experience in vocal and visual skills was really beneficial in helping us set goals on which to focus during the weeks leading up to the regional contest.

The goal we set for ourselves was to improve by 50 points over last year’s score. We ended up receiving the Most Improved Quartet trophy with an increase of 110 points!


We couldn’t be happier with the route we chose, including participating in the Quartet Workshop!  Thank you Region 21 for the opportunity to challenge ourselves to learn, grow, and succeed!


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