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October 2019 RMT Updates



Hello Everyone! What a remarkable week for Region 21 in New Orleans! C’est la vie wowed us in the semi-finals. We were so proud to see Lucille as mic testers and Viva! take home the crowns. San Diego’s semi-final performance stirred our hearts and Scottsdale’s swan song set had me bawling tears of joy while commuting home from work. Yup, I was plugged into the webcast as much as possible during the week, unable to make the trip to NOLA. So, I’m especially grateful for the helpful hands of the 2019 R21 International Love Committee!

Twenty-two volunteer members from four chapters and one prospective chapter assembled and delivered gifts, attended the “Rah Rah,” and ensured that long tunnels of love awaited each competitor when they got off the stage. This region-wide contribution is what keeps the Region 21 family strong! We succeed together and with each other’s support!

So, it is crucial that voices from every chapter collaborate to shape our bright future. Your Regional Management Team is forming an advisory committee with representation from every chorus and Chapter-at-Large members. Our fall Strategic Planning event will have a sharp focus on leadership education and programs to support the administrative side of our Sweet Adeline experience. I would love to hear what matters to you in this arena. Contact me at if you would like to participate or learn more!



Greetings Region 21! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely summer. Heading into fall brings the Regional Management team to their weekend-long Strategy Meeting. We are excited for this meeting as we are hoping to find new ways to share the wealth.

Did you know that the Regional Management Team positions have “shadows?” You could shadow one of the team members to see if your interests/skill-set matches with that particular position. You could also try it on for size to see if it is something that you would like to do for 2 years or more. Or you might find that a portion of that position appeals to you – and take that on as your area of contribution.

And, as we have some folks that will be finishing up their tenure, we will have some openings.

If you’d like to chat about where you might fit in, why don’t you give me a call. I can be reached at 808-462-2897. And if I don’t know the answer, I will research it and get back to you.

We are lucky to have a region so rich in education and leadership. Wouldn’t you like to be part of that?



Singing in a chorus offers an important opportunity to connect with others frequently and form long-lasting social bonds. What are some ways we can help members make these connections with each other? Here are a few ideas:

  • Recognize members who reach milestone membership anniversaries. This shows how much we value a member for their continuing support, and might inspire other members to strive to earn the same recognition.

  • Organize a picnic or party where members invite their family to come meet your other family of “chorus sisters.” This gives everyone a chance to bring their favorite food to share and might give time for longer conversations to get to know each other better.

  • Schedule in a “good news” time every couple of rehearsals where members can brag on themselves or family members. This won’t take too much time if you have everyone blurt their news out at once!

I bet by now lots of fun ideas have come to mind for connecting to those within as well as outside your chorus. Now is a great time to ponder what you can do to help your chorus succeed in building a strong community!

In the southwestern United States, Region 21 Golden West serves as a cornerstone to Sweet Adelines International, a worldwide organization that exists to advance the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. With 16 active choruses and several new choruses in the formation process, Region 21 is known for vibrant, competitive choruses that boast the highest levels of musical excellence and dynamic, award-winning quartets. Region 21 represents choruses in New Mexico, Arizona, southern California and Hawaii. The region hosts annual events for choruses and quartets that include regional competition, musical education, workshops, coaching and much more. Learn more at



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