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Meet Newest Region 21 Medalists: Party Mix

There was excitement all around in Richardson, Texas this past weekend as The Coronet Club put on a fantastic long weekend of educational events and contests. Region 21 members were glued to the webcast on Thursday, July 13th, for the second annual Diamond Division Quartet Contest. The Diamond Division Contest is for singers aged 55 years and older and with a combined age of 240 on the date of contest.

Competition is building quickly for this contest with an uptick of competitors from 5 to 14 in just a year since the inaugural contest in 2022. Watch parties organized throughout Region 21 to see Party Mix, with members Kathy Blodgett and Susan Kegley from Scottsdale Chorus and Wendy Young and Michelle Baldwin of Simply A Capella. The quartet took the 3rd place medal. All are veteran quartet singers and medal winners. Susan is a Sweet Adeline Queen of Harmony as the bass in A Capella Gold. Wendy and Michelle won regional gold medals for the second time in 2019 with One Voice. Kathy is a long time quartet singer and has stepped in recently to sing lead in PHX.

The quartet was able to call in after the contest to share their impressions of the day. "Everyone here is so gracious and welcoming," said Kathy. "The contest is a little more relaxed than an international competition but very exciting and connected to the audience."

Also competing was Rising Stars quartet What's in Score, organized and mentored by Harborlites Chorus. The Rising Stars contest was held the following day and fielded 8 great groups from all around the organization.


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